Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am hopefully going to earn some money by posting essays on a website called Hubpages. Here is a link to one of my web pages: If you visit my hubs and click on ads, then I actually get paid for writing. Meanwhile, I hope to contribute essays and travel journal excerpts that are worthwhile....

Then again, here is a link that might actually function:

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  1. I thought, 'why shouldn't I take the 90 seconds required to go to your hubpage, click on a few ads, and help feed a struggxling writer?'.

    I initially feared that your suddenly coming into the great wealth which I would be granting you by clicking my mouse might destroy you as a writer, and that your being able to move out of your unheated garrett and eat things other than soups made of potato peelings begged from cheap, tawdry cafés would lead to stripping you of your talent-- that by the clicking of my mouse, click by click by click, I would bear the responsibility for the destruction of your artistic soul. After much moral debate, however, I realized that the risk was ameliorated by the high likelihood that the lucre would be simply dissipated on absinthe (the real absinthe) and perhaps in the sorts of low opium dens frequented by writers and others of artistic sensitivities... particularly when I read the web name of the piece in question, and realized that you were indeed already dabbling in the sorts of things trafficked in the mysterious East.

    Therefore, my doubts largely assuaged, I decided that I would indeed navigate to the site, and click on the ads that would result in your being so greatly enriched. I would ensure a writer was paid for writing, as shocking a thought as that might be.

    And so I carefully copied the link you provided, pasted it in, and pressed enter... and received the message: "Sorry that hub does not exist".

    Your artistic soul may have been saved, but your '' link is broken!