Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy Cats and Jasper Fforde

Jasper Fforde is a Welsh novelist who wrote the alternative reality science fiction series starring Thursday Next. The series begins with the book The Eyre Affair, and involves fictional characters coming out of the books. Miss Havisham is a reckless driver, I might add.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Oscar Wilde the Grouch

1) Garbage is neither moral nor immoral. It is either good garbage or bad garbage.

2) We are all in the garbage can, but some of us are gazing at the recycle bin.

3) Only the trashy know themselves.

4) The only thing worse than having something to grumble about is having nothing to grumble about.

5) The only thing worse than being grumbled about is not being grumbled about.

6) Arguing and stubbornness are to the grouch instruments of an art.

7) No grouch has ethical sympathies. An ethical sympathy in a grouch is an unpardonable mannerism of life style.

8) It is the grumbler alone in the garbage can, and not the kids playing in the alley, that art really mirrors.

9) All garbage is quite useless.

10) Big Bird is quite tolerant. He forgives everything except grumpiness.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Promoting an Old Friend

An old college friend, Lawrence Clayton, just got a story published online:


Strangely, I didn't meet him while I was majoring in Creative Writing. We were both enrolled in the Conservatory of Theater Arts at Webster University. It's one of the top academic theater programs in the United States, even though whenever I mention Webster people say, "Oh, where's that? I've never heard of it."

Monday, May 4, 2009

Beware of Ripoff Insurance Companies!

I'm not the only unpaid and underpublished writer, and since I was laid off from a paying job a year ago, I am currently job hunting in addition to writing, trying to get published, and sculpting.

I received e-mails from not one but two insurance companies, United American Insurance and American Income Life Insurance, saying that they saw my resume online and asking me to call them for a job interview. My "Aversion" alert went off, which is hardly surprising because working in sales for an insurance company isn't my idea of following my heart, and I have a serious fear of going back into the trap of working at a thankless and meaningless job that I hate becuase it supplies me with a paycheck. But I told myself it would be irresponsible to not call back. Fortunately, I Googled both companies before calling...and I discovered that both are misleading and actually give you commission jobs rather than a regular paycheck.



Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am hopefully going to earn some money by posting essays on a website called Hubpages. Here is a link to one of my web pages: www.hubpages.com/hub/trafficindelhi. If you visit my hubs and click on ads, then I actually get paid for writing. Meanwhile, I hope to contribute essays and travel journal excerpts that are worthwhile....

Source: www.hubpages.com

Then again, here is a link that might actually function: