Monday, May 4, 2009

Beware of Ripoff Insurance Companies!

I'm not the only unpaid and underpublished writer, and since I was laid off from a paying job a year ago, I am currently job hunting in addition to writing, trying to get published, and sculpting.

I received e-mails from not one but two insurance companies, United American Insurance and American Income Life Insurance, saying that they saw my resume online and asking me to call them for a job interview. My "Aversion" alert went off, which is hardly surprising because working in sales for an insurance company isn't my idea of following my heart, and I have a serious fear of going back into the trap of working at a thankless and meaningless job that I hate becuase it supplies me with a paycheck. But I told myself it would be irresponsible to not call back. Fortunately, I Googled both companies before calling...and I discovered that both are misleading and actually give you commission jobs rather than a regular paycheck.!&q5=United+American+Insurance

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