Friday, October 7, 2011

Domestic Violence in Bigotville

After I posted a link to the above article on Facebook, someone gave me the contact information to the city commissioner's office in Topeka, KS. It is or 785-368-3710. I wrote and e-mailed the following message:

I read an online article that indicated the city government of Topeka is seriously considering decriminalizing domestic violence. This is unfathomably disgusting, irresponsible, misogynistic and sociopathic. When I was in Topeka, Kansas, too often I heard men make "jokes" about beating their wives. A Topeka cousin of mine married an abusive man, and one of her children was so traumatized by her dysfunctional home life that she nearly stabbed her grandmother. Given what an extremely and blatently patriarchal town it is, trust Topeka to treat domestic violence as trivial. Indeed, no doubt it's epidemic there. "Decriminalizing" it will only make the situation even worse. The costs of medical problems and emergencies will in fact go up if you decriminalize domestic violence, which is very obviously a crime.

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  1. Latest update: the judge reconsidered and re-criminalized domestic violence.