Friday, November 18, 2011

Witch's Familiar & Wormhole Electric

My familiar, Cheetah

After much editorial feedback and revision, Wormhole Electric ( will publish my fantasy novella Witch's Familiar in serial e-book form, beginning November 25.

The way Wormhole Electric works is this: you can read the first couple of chapters online, at, and after that, if you want to continue reading the novella you purchase the e-book. So please support not-so-famous science fiction and fantasy authors by visiting the Wormhole Electric site.

Meanwhile, my attempts at starting a writers critique group proved to be about as productive as herding cats, but I'm about to join a writers critique group, so I can give and take developmental feedback on fiction. I may be a slacker when it comes to job hunting, but at least my writing career is seeing progress.

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