Monday, August 10, 2009

Great News about my Pilgrimage Memoir!

I sent an e-mail to Bina at Buddha Path ( asking whether Shantum has read the manuscript that I sent him of my pilgrimage memoir. (I was on a Buddhist pilgrimage in 2007 and wrote a gigantic journal, and Shantum was the meditation teacher and tour guide during the pilgrimage. I was inspired to turn my journal into a publishable book.)

After reading my e-mail, Bina reminded Shantum of the manuscript, and he looked through it and, as it turns out, really likes it! He's even willing to write a forward, as I had sort of begged him to do during my second trip to India.

I had long since come to the conclusion that Shantum wasn't going to read the manuscript, let alone OK it, so this is all a big and very pleasant surprise.

Next month I start grad school in the Book Publishing program at PSU, which has a student-run publshing that's one possibility for publication....

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