Tuesday, June 9, 2009


In the fall, I'll be starting out as a graduate student in Book Publishing and am very excited about it. As an author, I want to take a moment to thank people who have helped me in my writing career.

First, I must thank my ninth-grade English teacher, Ms. Downard, who was the first person to encourage my writing. She praised my short stories and essays highly, published some of them in the high school newsletter, and encouraged me to participate in writing contests.

Second, I am thanking my other high school English teacher, Mr. Floran, who among other things taught College Prep English and commented that I showed understanding in the class while most of my classmates were confused. He assured me that whatever art form I focused on for my future career, I would do well.

As a college student, my favorite writing instructor was Joe Schuster, and I thank him for giving such positive and encouraging feedback on my stories. He also happened to be one of the coolest teachers on campus.

I must also thank college friends, in particular Alice Warner Henderson and Jeff Spinks, whose words of encouragement and praise helped me to feel better about myself and to have more confidence in my art.


  1. This is awesome Susan, congratulations! Where will you be attending?

  2. Gee, it'd be nice if I checked this blog for comments more frequently. You probably know this by now, but I'm attending PSU, Portland State University. It's an emppowered program!